Media Relations

Whether you want to be the headline or not, how your agency handles the media can make or break your reputation in your community.

Although there is no such thing as "controlling the media", one can learn to effectively manage your contacts with the media. The key is to know what the media is looking for, what they need, and how to best get your message across. The media is not your target audience -- the public watching, listening or reading what journalists and broadcasters write and say about you, is your real audience.

10-8 Communications can help your agency develop a media relations plan and create a team of well-trained communications professionals.

Learn how to develop strategies to get your messages across in the most effective way - from strategic messaging to interview preparation.

Ninety-minute to full-day presentations are available for large groups, while customized three-day training, complete with interview simulations is provided for groups of up to 15.

Half-Day Key Messaging Workshop

How is it some communicators get their message across time and time again, while others are misquoted or taken out of context? How do you get an entire organization to "sing from the same song-sheet"? How can an agency best ensure the media doesn't misconstrue its comments?

The key is simple messaging. This half-day workshop focuses on the basics of developing an interview plan with key messages using the CAP principle of "care, action, perspective". Participants will learn the importance of defining target audiences, developing three key messages and staying on point. Tips and tricks will be provided on how to bridge back to key messages and how to keep media on track with your messaging not their agenda. Participants will work through a number of key messaging exercises and will be provided a take-home template to use in the future.

Media Awareness Workshop (1 day)

Provides front-line officers, firefighters or civilian staff, unfamiliar with media relations, an understanding of the role media plays in developing an agency's public image, and an overview of how best to work with media.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will:

  • Have an understanding of different types of media, what is 'news' and the journalist's job;
  • Know the basic skills involved in being a Public Information Officer;
  • Understand the different types of interview situations;
  • Be familiar with the three-step interview preparation process; and
  • Have a basic understanding of different interview situations, tips for good interviews, and newsroom ethics.

Media Training Course (3 days)

Provides sworn or civilian staff, who either are or will be, dealing with the media on a regular basis, an understanding of the essentials of media relations and arm them with the tools required to work most effectively with the media.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will:

  • Have a complete understanding of different types of media, their varying needs, what is 'news' and the journalists' job;
  • Know how to write an effective news release;
  • Understand and have practiced conducting interviews in different situations;
  • Know the three-step interview preparation process and how to identify and prepare for different types of media contact;
  • Have an understanding of media ethics and policy; and
  • Feel an improved level of confidence to deal with media in stressful situations.